The University of Agriculture, Peshawar
Youth Development Society

  1. To fight against social evils & anti social elements such as Drugs, AIDS, Alcohol, Poverty, Illiteracy, Insurgency etc.
  2. To maintain unity, understanding, cooperation, tolerance, peace and harmony among the youth Communities in particular and public in general.
  3. To promote and develop the standard of education, sports, games and Cultural activities.
  4. To support government policies and programs geared toward the provision of basic necessities of life such as corruption, want, ignorance, discrimination of all kinds and exploitation in our society.
Strategic Plan:
  1. Reinforce sense of Pride, Awareness and Motivation.
  2. National integration and harmony, Mutual friendship, Tolerance, understanding and values Social interactions.
  3. Educate, motivate and guide against extremism, terrorism, anti-state and inhuman activities.
  4. Patronize sports and recreation activities, sports competition, expansion of sports facilities at all administrative levels on sustainable basis.
  5. Youth Health Create awareness about responsible and safe behavior, provide youth friendly and health care counseling and guidance facilities.
  6. Talented and high performing youth will be given recognition reward and incentive at the national level. Efforts be made to motivate and attract them towards service for the nation.
  7. Balancing the Gender Imbalance
  8. Work towards gender equity and provide greater opportunities and decent environment for the female youth to play their role.
  1. To establish and maintain a friendly relation with the students as well as with teachers and other staff members.
  2. To conduct research and surveys to sort out the youth issues and their problems solutions.
  3. To encourage youth to be engaged in contributing members of their communities.
  4. To involve youth as partners in planning, implementing and evaluating you.
Exective Body Members:
S.No. Designation Name Contact Email/Cell
Muhammad Bilal Marwat
+92 307 8365545
Chief Coordinator
Waqar Khattak
+92 345 9004521
Sayed Farhad Shah
+92 311 9429863
Vice President
Zohra Nawaz
General Secretary
Seher Khan
Join Secretary
Hashima Wilayat
Finance Secretary
Merwan Ahmed Jadoon
+92 312 9231567
Information Secretary
Shahid khan Kohati
+92 300 5962301
Press Secretary
Wasim khan Bangash
+92 313 9997348

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