Working Staff Department of Agricultural Mechanization

Name Designation Details
Mr Zia ul Haq Senior Diesel Mechanic Mr Zia ul Haq
Mr Ashter Khan Electician Mr Ashter Khan
Mr Pervez Khan Carpentor Mr Pervez Khan
Mr Saeed Khan Senior tractor driver Mr Saeed Khan
Mr Imran ud Din Blacksmith Mr Imran ud Din
Mr. Sajjad Khan Junior Mechanic Mr. Sajjad Khan
Mr. Latif Khan Mechanic Mr. Latif Khan
Mr. Sheraz Khan Auto Electrician Helper Mr. Sheraz Khan
Mr. Qutab Din Auto Electrician Mr. Qutab Din
Mr. Nimat Khan Mechanic Helper Mr. Nimat Khan
Mr. Zarar Shah Welder Mr. Zarar Shah

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