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Dr. Shahzad Khan
Assistant Professor
+92 91 9221269
+92 313 9133822
+92 91 9221262
Mailing Address:
Institute of Development Sciences (IDS), The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, 25130, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
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Ph.D. In Agriculture Rural Development Studies
HEC Approved Supervisor:
Area of Specialization:
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Challenges in Pakistan.
  • Returns To Education and Its Impact on Rural Development of South Asia.
  • The Contribution of international community in providing SGD-4 in South Asia.
  • SDGs -230 and Its Impact on Policy Implementation in Pakistan.
Professional Responsibilites & Activities:
  • Provided coordination in both international and national research trainings & workshops on project management and sustainable rural livelihood.
  • Supported the coordination of SDGs initiatives related to Sustainable Agricultural Development and Sustainable Natural Resources;
  • Designed and conducted validation workshop for endorsement of Sustainable Agriculture Rural Development.
  • Conducted consultations with different govt stakeholders Agriculture and Rural Development for SDGs 2030.
  • Trained more researchers in resource allocation; Supported to Food Security and National Information Systems other analytical policy and research Assignments.
  • Delivering different training sessions on projects related to Sustainable Development Goals SDGs-2030.
Research Projects:
  1. Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students Duration: October 2013´Ż×March 2014 (6month)
  2. MEXT Scholarship: Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Student for FY2014 under domestic application. Scholarship term was from October 2014 to March 2015
  3. Japanese Government: SUPPER MEXT SCHOLARSHIP 2015-06-01 to 2015-11-30
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