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S.No Current Tenders Upload Date: Last Date:
1. Provision of Expendable Supplies for Plant Pathology, UAP 07-05-2021 27-05-2021
2. Re-Tender ( Provision of Scanners, Cameras, Sound Systems for ADP Project, UAP. 07-05-2021 27-05-2021
3. Minutes of the Technical Committee regarding eligibility/qualification of the bid acceptance
Grievances if any, about eligibility, may be submitted to Convener GPC on or before 25-05-2021

3rd Time Tender Notice

Supply and installation of ICT and Networking system under the project "Establishment of Technology Development Centre (TDC)" at UAP.
Minutes uploaded on 04-05-2021
4. Tender & Re-Tender

Provision of Laptop & Desktop Computers, Printer, 02 Ton Split AC Inverter, 06 Nos Tires 1000R20, 06 Nos Tires 7-50R16 for UAP.
23-04-2021 10-05-2021

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