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S.No Current Tenders Upload Date: Last Date:
1. Purchase of Laboratory Equipments, Chemicals, Glassware, IT items and Field tools under TDC Project for different Departments, UAP. 09-09-2021 07-10-2021
2. Provision of Multimedia with Screen & GPS (Global Positioning System) under ADP projects P&D, UAP. 09-09-2021 28-09-2021
3. Provision of Permanent laboratory Equipment, furniture, IT equipment and Gene sequencing etc for IBGE, UAP. 04-09-2021 28-09-2021
4. Provision of Permanent Equipments Chemicals & Glassware for the College of Veterinary Sciences, UAP. 04-09-2021 28-09-2021
5. Harvesting of 67 Acer Rice Crop at AMK Campus Mardan, UAP. 03-09-2021 20-09-2021
6. Provision of Chemicals & Glassware/Plasticware for IGBE, UAP. 28-08-2021 14-09-2021

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