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Tender Notice
Tender Uploaded on 29-05-2018

Purchase of the following permanent equipment under the project head the Department of Agriculture Chemistry UAP.

Sealed tenders on item rate are invited from the registered firms (income tax / sale tax) for purchase of
(1). Printer Laser Jet Pro heavy duty).
(2). Laptop Core i-3 6th generation).
(3). Multimedia (LED) Sony/LG/Orient or equivalent Smart TV (52).
(4). Refrigerator (9188-ES Plus-425 L).
(5). Hanna Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode (ISE).
(6). Hanna louride Ion Selective Electrode (ISE).
(7). Hanna Ammonium Ion Selective Electrode ISE).
(8). Hanna Phosphate Ion Selective Electrode (ISE).
(9). Are. GIS Software.
(10). eionised Water Plant.

Tender form, Specification, Terms & Conditions may be obtained from the office of the undersigned. Tender form fee Rs.500/- should be deposited in University Account No: 0014870007450701 at Habib Bank, The University of Agriculture Branch Peshawar.
Bid along with 2% CDR as earnest money in shape of call deposit in favour of Director Finance should reach by post to the undersigned on or before 13-06-2018 up-to 10:45 A.M. which will be opened on the same day at 11:00 A.M. in the University Main Store in presence of bidders / authorized representatives. In case, if the Government declared holiday, the bid will be submitted and opened on the next working day.
As per Section-47 of KPPRA rules 2014 the procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. The bids documents can also be downloaded from the link below. Receipt of tender form fee should be attached with the bid. The bidder should be on ATL of FBR.

Download Tender Documents

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