Directorate of Students' Financial Aid and Development

The Financial Aid Office caters for the financial needs of the needy students of the poor and needy students and in the process has financed over 3000 students in various disciplines offered at the Agriculture University Peshawar through a number of need based scholarships as well as rewarding high achieving students. In academic year of 2009 – 10, the university has financed over 900 students and disbursed a sum of Rs in financial aid to its students. Below are the few scholarships available. Students are required to apply for financial aid on a prescribed form after having been formally admitted at the University. 

National Bank of Pakistan Students Loan Scheme ( NBP – SLS)
Financial assistance is provided through Interest Free Loans to the meritorious students who are unable to pursue their professional education in Pakistan. The Scheme is being administered by a high powered committee comprising Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Presidents of all major commercial banks and a representative of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan. The loan is provided for 2 years at the graduate level and is payable within a period of 10 years after graduation.

FFC Scholarships (Fauji Fertilizers Company Limited)  Wards of Farmer Scheme
This scholarship is provided to the children of farmers, amounting to Rs. 9,000/- per annum and is awarded on a semester basis

USAID – HEC Need Based Scholarships
HEC in collaboration with the US-AID ( United States Agency for International Development) started working on a project in which the needy and underprivileged students who were unable to fund their professional studies in the fields of Agriculture and management sciences at the undergraduate and graduate were financed. Agriculture University Peshawar was selected as one of the 11 partner universities due to received funding in this program.

The scholarship comprehensively finances the study and stays at the University and provides cover in the following areas
1. Tuition Fee   
2. Lodging        
3. Transportation   
4. Books
5. Incidental Costs
Under the scholarship program, 20 graduate level students and 30 undergraduate university students would be funded for their education in the fields of Agriculture

HEC – Japanese Need Based Scholarships
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agriculture University was selected to received “HEC – Japanese Need Based Scholarships” for the deserving students of this University. The aim is to finance those needy and poor students, who despite of getting admission to the University are unable to finance their studies. Under the scheme, the deserving students would be provided complete financial cover throughout their stay at the institution. 12 undergraduate and 25 graduate students would be funded under the scholarship program.

The Frontier Education Foundation Scholarship Scheme
Frontier Education Foundation Scholarships are applicable for fresh graduate level students. These scholarships are on the basis of merit-cum-in affordability. The grant covers full tuition fee of the academic year and is renewable annually.

FATA Education Foundation
In collaboration with HEC and FATA LDP, 11 partner universities are undertaking this program to fund the higher education of needy FATA domiciled students. The scholarship provides funds amounting to 12000/- per annum

Merit Based Scholarships
The AUP gives out a number of merit based scholarships to its students annually  which includes full fee waivers or a percentage of the fee waivers for the next semesters as well as funds remittance to the tune of Rs.1800 ( eighteen hundred rupees only) for day scholar students and Rs.3600 (three thousand six hundred rupees only) for boarding students. The criteria for eligibility for merit based scholarships is maintaining a CGPA of 3.0/4.0 and not failing in any subject during the previous academic year.

Own A Student Initiative
This initiative was taken by a few wealthy individuals to cater for the financial requirements of educating the students belonging to the areas affected by military operations and were subsequently displaced and faced tremendous financial losses. Full tuition fee and accommodation fee is covered in the financial aid package.

Other Scholarships Available    
1. MORA Scholarships
2. Baluchistan Development Scholarships : Offered by the Govt of Baluchistan to its students studying in Agricutlural University Peshawar
3. Political Agent Scholarships: Offered by the political agents of each agency to its students belonging to FATA for studying at the AUP
4. The Bait Ul Maal Scholarships
5. District Zakat and Ushr and Zonal Zakat Scholarships


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