In recent years it has become an obligation that institutions of higher education demonstrate the effectiveness of their academic programs in providing high quality education that positively impacts the stakeholders. this has led the Higher Education Commission to develop methods for assessing the quality of academic programs.

With the establishment of Quality Assurance Agency at Higher Education Commission it was decided in the NQAC meeting that Quality Enhancement Cells will be established at all universities to strengthen the internal quality assurance process with a special focus on quality of higher education to fill the gap between the prevailing and the desired status of quality education..


The issue of quality has been identified as the major issue confronting the higher education sector in the Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF). Therefore, to enhance the quality of output and efficiency of the higher education learning systems, a mechanism of establishment of QECs has been developed by the Quality Assurance Committee to improve the standards of quality of higher education in a systematic way with uniformity across country.

Director's Message

I am confident that QEC is working hard to improve the quality of higher education being imparted in The University of Agriculture, Peshawar. We are fully committed to implement QAA policies here in our university by establishing a formal Quality Enhancement Cell. Our university is one of the 84 universities where this cell has been established by HEC.

In 2006-07 the Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) have been established at ten public sector universities, where as in 2007-08 twenty more QECs were established in the public sector universities for improvement of their academic, teaching and learning standards. The QEC family is being extended to another fifteen public sector, fifteen private sector universities in 2009-10 and twenty four in public sector universities in 2010-11.

QEC News

Training Workshop-2022December 22, 2022

DQA Organized one-day training workshop on "IPE Standards...

GreenMetric Ranking

The University applied for GreenMetric World Universities Ranking, 2022..

Seminar & Meeting


To be the leading center of Quality Assurance that will facilitate UAP in achieving the status of world class institutions for teaching, research and development.


To implement Quality Assurance procedures and evaluation methods in the University to uplift the standard of education and research in the areas of Agriculture, Veterinary sciences, social sciences and associated fields.

Goals /Objectives:

1) To enable the University to produce quality graduates.
2) To maintain and enhance academic standards.
3) To ensure that the existing programs meet their objectives.
4) To prepare the academic programs for review by the concerned councils.
5) To eradicate cut/copy paste culture and any act of dishonesty in academic work from the University, in order to inculcate creative thinking.

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