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Uploaded on 10-02-2021

Extension in the tender opening date from 11/02/2021 to 22/02/2021

Pursuance to the written request made by various prospective bidders after site visit dated: 08/2/2021 and pre-bid meeting held on 28/1/2021 , the Competent Authority has been pleased to extend the tender opening date from 11/2/2021 to 22/2/2021 for the tender No: 169 i.e. supply and installation of ICT and Networking system under the project "Establishment of Technology Development Centre (TDC)" at the University of Agriculture, Peshawar due to the following reason(s):

Due to complex technical and infrastructural nature of the aforementioned work, the interested bidders requires more time to ascertain technical and financial aspects of the work.

Keeping in view market uncertainty due to Covid-19 Pandemic, additional time is required for the bidders to make sure timely availability of the equipment since, imports are involved.

Therefore, the bids along with 2% Bid Security (refundable) in favour of Director Finance should reach the office of undersigned by Post/Courier on or before 22/02/2021 by 1:30 pm. The bids will be opened on the same day at 02:00 pm in the University Main Store, in the presence of bidders or their authorized representatives.

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