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Distribution of Laptops to the remaining selected/eligible students) on 02/11/2023, at 02:00 pm in the Directorate of Teaching.
Directorate of Teaching
Distribution of Laptops

Prime Minister's Youth Laptop Scheme Phase III (Distribution of Laptops to the remaining selected/eligible students)

It is notified for the information of all concerned students selected for Prime Minister's Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III, that the laptops to the remaining selected/eligible students will be distributed in the Directorate of Teaching on 02/11/2023, at 02:00 pm.

As per directives of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), any student who passed out degree program prior to laptop distribution will not be eligible for laptop. All the selected/eligible students are directed to must bring the following documents on the time of receiving laptop:
  1. Original CNIC
  2. Attested photocopy of the CNIC
  3. Transcript or result duly issued by the secrecy section of the University, clearly mentioning the CGPA on which he/she has applied.
  4. Bonafid Certificate, showing CGPA on which he/she has applied, duly signed by the Departmental Focal Person and Chairman/Director/Principal of concerned Department/Institute/Campus/College.
  5. Dues clearance certificate from the concerned accounts section of the University.
For More Information Contact
Associate Director Teaching
Super Focal Person
PM Laptop Scheme Phase-III
Office phone: +92 91 9221272 Ext: 3121
Fax: +92 91 9221262

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