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Makeup Form submission (Up to 27-10-2021)
Secrecy/Examination Section
Submission Of Make Up Examination Forms

In partial modification of this Office Notification No.7382/Exam/Conduct dated 16/10/2023, the last date for submission of Make-up forms extended as per following schedule:

S.No Schedule Submission
01 With normal fee Up to 27 October 2023
02 With late fee of Rs.500/- Up to 31 October 2023

  1. No form will be entertained beyond 31-10-2023.
  2. No form will be accepted without the signature of concerned account section.
  3. Attach two latest attested photographs with the examination form.
  4. Copy of the DMC(s) showing failed subjects of the semester(s) applied for, must be attached with the exam form.
  5. Agriculture Students should submit separate exam form for each subject along with separate bank receipt to the concerned teacher(s).
  6. FMCS students should submit separate exam form for each semester along with separate bank receipt to the Institute Head.
  7. Attach original receipt of Rs.2000/- per subject.
  8. All Chairpersons/Directors Institutes/Principal College of Veterinary Sciences(CVS) and Director AMK campus are requested to arrange Make up Exams up to 20th November 2023 and submit the result to the Secrecy/Examination Section as per university rule.
  9. No result(s) will be accepted in secrecy/examination section after due date.
For More Information Contact
Secrecy/Examination Section
Office Phone: + 92 91 9221360 Ext: 3123

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