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Decisions of the UFM cases dealing committee meeting for B.Sc. (H), DVM, DVS, M.Sc. (H), BBA (H) and BS (CS/IT) students held on 17/01/2023.
Examinations /Secrecy Section
Decisions of UFM Committee Meeting

It is notified for the information of all concerned students that the Competent Authority has approved the recommendation of "Unfair Cases Dealing Committee" taken in its meeting held on 17/01/2023 which is under:-

Decisions of UFM Cases BBA (H) (uploaded on 17-01-2023)

Decisions of UFM Cases BS (CS/IT) (uploaded on 17-01-2023)

Decisions of UFM Cases B.Sc. (H), M.Sc (H), DVM & DVS (uploaded on 17-01-2023)

Note: A candidate may appeal against the decision of UFM Cases Dealing Committee to the Vice Chancellor within 07 days if he/she wishes so.

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