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Notice for Agriculture and BBA (H) Students, UFM Committee Meeting

Notice for Agriculture and BBA (Hons) Students

Working Paper for UFM Committee Meeting

The UFM Committee meeting has been scheduled to be held on the dates and time given below, the following students are directed to appear before the committee & explain their positions against the charges leveled upon them. Those who failed to appear before the committee, the cases will be decided ex-parte in their absentia.

BBA (Hons)   16-04-2012 (at 10.00 am)
Agriculture    16-04-2012 (at 10.00 am)

Venue: Secrecy/Exams Section
C.No./Reg.No. Name of Students Decision
BBA (Hons) 2nd Semester Session 2011-14
Micro Economics
49 Naqash Muhammad
290 Imran Ahmad
342 Ali Hussain
560 Awais Ali
584 Muhammad Ayaz
597 Sher Shah
Financial Accounting
02 Sulaiman Shah
13 Umer Farooq
Introduction to Sociology
133 Asim Khan
298 Bilal Ahmad
398 Ejaz Ahmad
475 M. Aslam
634 Umer Sohail
225 Fida ur Rahman
Technical and Business Writing
630 (AMK) Jeyad
19 (AMK) Waseem Khan
515 (AMK) Asim Ali
Introduction to Psychology
627 (AMK) M. Waseem Anjum
630 (AMK) Jeyad
Introduction to Sociology
523 (AMK) Ali Khan
BBA 4th Semester
Marketing Management
25 Khateem
90 Waqar Ahmad
362 Fawad Khursheed
370 Shafqat Ullah
538 (AMK) Muqadas Ali
Logic and Critical Thinking
100 Anwar Ul Haq
115 Zonash Habib
122 Muhammad Sher
124 Sarmad Arshad
Pakistan Economy
81 Arifullah Khan
110 Fahad Ali Khan
113 Haroon Khan
118 Muhammad Asif Khan
136 Waseem Iqbal
138 Wajid Ullah
Business Statistics
118 Muhamad Asif Khan
BBA 6th Semester, 2009-12
Maths & Stat Application to Business
546 KCCM Qadir Ali
552 KCCM Rafi Ullah
Consumer Behaviour
421 Muhammad Alam
424 Aamir Shah
Financial Institutions and Capital Markets
445 Shoukat Hussain
Business Ethics
573 (AMK) M. Jehangir Khan
628 (AMK) M. Salman
BBA 8th Semester, 2008-11
Small and Medium Enterprise Management (SME)
105 Hussain Akhtar
124 Jamshed
Corporate Finance
290 Amjad Ali Khan
561(KCCM) Fakhri Imam
576 (KCCM) Rizwan Ullah
07/16470 (AMK) Muhammad Salman
615 AMK Sadiq Ali
633 AMK Fayyaz Ali
636 AMK Muhammad Tariq
Organization Development
630/18534 AMK Jeyad
B.Sc (H) , P-II, Deptt. Water Management
Fundamentals of Water Management
552 (AMK) Muhammad Asim
B.Sc (H) P-III, Deptt. PBG
Germplasm Research of Field Crops
311 Maqsood Ahmad
M.Sc (H) Evening Programme Deptt. of Weed Science
Psychology (Botany)
09 Muhammad Dawood

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