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Prof. Marwat signed MoU with Relief International
Prof. Marwat signed MoU with Relief International

Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadar Marwat, Vice Chancellor Agricultural University Peshawar signed an MoU with Relief International Pakistan represented by Dr Zia Haider. Prof. M Subhan Qureshi and Dr Sarzamin Khan were present on the occasion.

Under the MoU the Priority research themes for Zoonoses will be:
  • Measure the morbidity, mortality, and economic burden of Zoonotic diseases in humans and animals in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Determine the spatial, temporal, and directional interactions of transmission between wildlife, humans, and domestic animals
  • Develop field diagnostics for Zoonotic diseases.
  • Conduct cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and affordability analysis of Zoonoses interventions.
The aim is to identify key research areas for control of Zoonoses and facilitate the linkages between the veterinary, wildlife, and public health sectors necessary to investigate them. Since there are many research possibilities for Zoonoses control but only limited resources are available to address them so focus will be on the prevailing Zoonotic diseases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The following joint interventions will be made:
  • RI will support 05-06 (Five/Six) research studies to be carried out by post graduate students of AUP in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • RI will support AUP in Zoonotic Resource Center formation.
  • Furthermore RI will support in establishment of Disease Diagnostic cum Food Hygiene Investigation Lab at AUP.
  • AUP will assist as a partner in the Zoonotic Control Committee and will provide consultative and laboratory support for the control of food borne and other zoonotic diseases.
  • AUP will help in development of extension messages and their propagation through print and electronic media by RI. "AUP" will assist "RI" for awareness and capacity building of the community through workshops and pilot projects.
  • The AUP will provide institutional support to RI for training Community Animal Health Workers on animal health, proper housing, animal feeding and disease management with special emphasis on Bio Safety and hygiene.
  • AUP will provide transport and boarding to all the RI supported students and or any other staff assisting students during the study.
  • AUP shall provide its progress reports regarding the research intervention on regular monthly basis.
  • Fee paid by "RI" are subject to income tax and Institutional Charges. AUP is fully responsible for the payment of any taxes or other charges of a public value that may arise from this MoU.

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