Office of the Registrar

Eligibility sheets of Lecturers in various Disciplines.
(Uploaded on: 13/10/2021)

Eligibility sheets of Lecturers for the following disciplines advertised on 21-10-2018 are uploaded on the University website for information of the candidates.

Any deficiency identified in case of the eligible candidates by the Eligibility & Quantification Committee may be submitted to Meetings Section of the Office of Registrar on or before 29-10-2021, so that it may be placed before the Eligibility & Quantification Committee for consideration.

  1. Horticulture (Main Campus)
  2. Horticulture (Amir Muhammad Khan Campus, Mardan)
  3. Agricultural Mechanization
  4. Plant Protection (Main Campus)
  5. Weed Science
  6. Statistics
  7. Mathematics
  8. Economics (ID)
  9. Agricultural Economics (IDS)

Moreover, appeals of the ineligible candidates are also required (in case they intend) to make appeals before the Appellate Committee for redressal of their reservation(s) to the Meetings Section, of the Office of Registrar on or before 29-10-2021 positively, for consideration of the Appellate Committee.

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Secretary of Eligibility and Quantification Committee
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