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Prof. Dr. Syed Naeem Badshah
Chairman / Professor
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Department of Islamic / Pak. Studies, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, 25130, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.
About Chairman:
Prof. Dr. Syed Naeem Badshah
Dr. Syed Naeem Badshah earned his PhD in Islamic Studies (Islamic Jurisprudence) from the Karachi University Pakistan. He has an experience of teaching about 10 years at university level, and author of 15 books and many research papers. He was sponsored by Higher Education Commission Pakistan to peruse a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Department of Islamic Studies University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) under the supervision of Dr. Khalid Abu Elfadl a well-known scholar in the field of Islamic law.

Intolerance and militancy is a global problem of current era. Pakistan has been also prey of intolerance and militancy. When we talk about peace and tolerance; right away Islam comes into mind. Regardless of the result of the debate, the fact remains that Islam is what defined the true meaning of peace to mankind. Hence, the world and universe could benefit from the infinite compassion and mercy of Allah. Islam teaches and advises every Muslim to treat everyone, either Muslim or non-Muslim with gratitude and justice, to help and protect the innocent and the needy. To stop evil and all evil shaped in the form of chaos, unrest, instability, fear and terror which destroys the concept of all peace and tranquillity. Dr. Syed Naeem has specialized to find out the causes of intolerance among the followers of Sematic Religion, in order to contribute in promoting tolerance. He has conducted his research in the same line during his fellowship in USA. During his research work he collaborated with many interfaith organizations, such as ICNA, ICNY, IPBA and Inter Church etc.

According to Dr. Syed Naeem “America was the best choice to study the cause of intolerance among the followers of Sematic Religion as America is a multi-cultural and multi religion country. The supervisor of the researcher Dr. Khalid has also a gigantic and titanic knowledge regarding the Peace and Tolerance. He is famous for across the globe for promoting harmony among followers of different religion. Dr.Syed Naeem has many chances to meet with numerous intellectuals and religion scholars of Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, New York University, Princeton University, Indiana University, and Chicago University etc. These intellectual appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of the researcher funded by Pakistan for tolerance.
HEC Approved Supervisor:
Area of Specialization:
Islamic Banking, Modern jurisprudential, Islam and Modern Politics, Principle of Islamic preaching and Arabic
Professional Responsibilites & Activities:
Administration, Teaching & Research
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Two Gold medals
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