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Name of College: The University of Agriculture Public School & College (Boys)
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Educational Institutions are many, all of which impart education, but it is our prayer to God Almighty that our students step out into the world with the strength, not only to reach and excel in their professional aspirations, but to remain useful human beings. Our goal is to prepare an academic program that is both stringent and motivating
AUPS & C (Boys) students are also engaged outside the school and beyond the classroom in a myriad of ways. Our school is scaling new heights with excellent and reputed professionals training our children in a range of co-curricular activities like football, basketball, cricket, table tennis and athletics. It is a great and fun experience to share in the excitement of watching our students participate in sports and athletics.
But most importantly, we need the help of our parents. Our commitment is to keep you well-informed about our school and about your child. We need you to help us enforce dress code, to get kids to school every day, and to create solutions so that our students get the best education. While we assure you that we will do our best to provide your children conducive environment at school, we expect parents to ensure supporting environment at home as well. Parents and guardians are the foundation of all great schools.
I would like to thank the university administration, parents, and community members in supporting our efforts to provide the best education for our students.

Kifayatullah Khan
The University of Agriculture Public School & College (Boys) Peshawar
About College: The University of Agriculture Public School & College (Boys) has been playing a major role in providing favorable atmosphere to all those who fall in its lap for the purpose of character building and playing a challenging role in the life to come.

Education is a process by which the teacher moulds the young, tender, flexible and pure minds of the students in order to develop them properly with necessary values, attitudes and behaviours, ability to think independently, maturity of thought, dynamism and high level of character.

High self-esteem is one of the key building blocks to school success. High self-esteem empowers individuals to take on life's challenges. A student with healthy self-esteem is comfortable with whoever he is and is confident of his abilities. Optimistic about the future, he believes he can overcome most of the obstacles. He may have shortcomings, but he is not consumed by them and does not let them define him.

A student can develop such qualities in an atmosphere which is charged with the fragrance of quality education: where they are provided with an accepting atmosphere and where they feel valued, supported and free to take risks.

The University of Agriculture Public School was established in 1995, to meet the ever increasing needs of children's education of Agricultural University employees in particular and that of the adjoining areas in general. Initially, the school was started in a residence on the Campus concentrating on primary classes both for boys and girls.

Later, however, it was realized that co-education should not be extended beyond 4th class. This realization led to the establishment of Agricultural University Public School for Boys. A separate school was constructed for the girls students, called The University of Agriculture Public School & College for Girls. The boys of classes VI to VIII were shifted to the Boys Section in the first week of September, 2002. During the same month regular classes of ESe. Part-I & Part-II were started in this new building. Thus a full-fledged School and College for Boys came into being.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, The University of Agriculture Public School & College (Boys) has emerged as a quality educational institution within a short period of time and has attained a standard of excellence. Academic performance of the previous years of the School/College has brought the students and the teachers much pride and hopes to achieve still greater heights of accomplishment in the years to come.
The present building is purpose-built for academic activities because of its location. It is situated behind Sheikh Zaid Islamic Center on the road leading to Lalazar Colony.

Besides well ventilated classrooms, there are well equipped laboratories. Also the institution has a Iibrary, fully equipped with suitable modern books.

The School & College provide sound education foundation to its students. Efforts are also being made to instill the basic elements of character building in students and mould them into responsible, honest, and disciplined individuals enabling them to take up their proper place in the society.
Rules For Admission To F.A/F.Sc: Admission to the college is made strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations, given in this prospectus.
  1. Admission process will be completed as per schedule given in the advertisement.
  2. Late admission cases shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with the BISE Peshawar rules or until such a date fixed by the Principal.
  3. The Principal shall constitute an admission committee, consisting of senior staff members who shall check and verify the entries made in the application forms and recommend candidates for admission on the basis of merit only.
  4. Only those candidates shall be eligible for admission who have passed the last annual or preceding supplementary examination of the Board.
  5. Those candidates, who have passed Board Examination in the calendar year other than the year in which admission is being sought, are ineligible except those who have passed the preceding supplementary examination of the Board.
  6. Students failed in one or more than one subjects shall not be eligible for admission to 1 st year class in any group.
  7. Students placed in grade "C" or below shall not be eligible for admission to 1 st year class in any group.
  8. The upper age limit at the time of admission is 19 years for 1st year class in any group.
  9. Students, passing in the succeeding supplementary examination shall not be eligible for admission in the same academic year.
  10. Candidates belonging to Board other than B.I.S.E. Peshawar, must produce migration certificate and verified DMC from the concerned board along with their admission forms.
  11. Any student, involved in any previous gross misconduct or unlawful activity during the school period, shall not be accorded admission in any case. In this regard the report of the Principal shall be final.
  12. Those convicted of a criminal offence or found guilty of indiscipline or moral turpitude shall stand ineligible for admission.
  13. The students promoted to 2nd year shall not be allowed to attend the class until they deposit all their college dues.
  14. No admission form, under any circumstances, shall be considered for any category except for which it has been submitted in by the candidate.
  15. In all cases where these regulations are silent or where there is difference of opinion about their interpretation, the instructions of the Principal shall be final provided they are not inconsistent with or repugnant to these regulations.
  16. The following documents must be attached with the admission form.
  17. i. Attested copy of D.M.C. verified by the board.
    ii. Attested copy of Domicile Certificate.
    iii. Attested copy of Provisional Certificate (School).
    iv. Attested copy of N.I.C. of the Parents/Guardian.
    v. Three attested Photographs.
    vi. Two stamped envelopes with correct address of the father/guardian typed thereon.
    The admission forms will be considered as incomplete if the above documents are not attached therewith. All the above documents must be presented in a file cover.
  18. Father/Guardian must accompany his son on the day of admission/interview after selection by the selection committee, otherwise admission will not be granted.
Late Admission: If a student applies for late admission by one year, then he has to produce an affidavit to the effect that he has not been admitted to any college previously and that he is availing the opportunity of admission for the first time. However, above all, such cases shall be dealt with strictly according to the rules and are subject to the availability of vacant seats.
Cancellation of Admission: Admission of a student shall be cancelled under the following circumstances:-
  1. If any information, given by the student in his Application From, is found incorrect.
  2. If a student fails to attend classes within a week of the start of the session.
  3. If a student remains absent for six consecutive full days or for six periods in any subject without leave application.
  4. If a student is found to be a professional agitator or has been struck off from any educational institution on disciplinary ground.
  5. If any misconduct or illegal involvement in political activity is proved against him.
  6. Application for cancellation of admission must be submitted well within the period specified by the Peshawar Board. In case of failure, fee and funds shall not be refunded.
  7. The Principal is authorized to cancel any admission at any time without assigning any reason.
Subject Combination: i. F.Sc. Pre-Medical (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
ii. F.Sc. Pre-Engineering (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
Computer / General Science Group: i. Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics.
Annual Charges for F.SC:
1 . Admission Fee
2. Security (Refundable)
3. Developmental Charges
4. Home Examination
5. Sports Fund
6. Library Fund
7. Laboratory Charges
8. Magazine Charges
9. Student Welfare Fund
10. Mise. Charges
Annual Charges for F.SC:
Tuition Fee.
Total Charges
Rs. /- (Per Month)
Rs. /- (Per Year)
Rules Concerning Fees & Other Dues of F.Sc:
  1. Fee is payable for twelve months of the year by all students. For College Students Tuition Fee is payable from July to June. Fee and other dues must be submitted by the 10th of each month. Non-payment of dues after the due date will result in the automatic imposition of a fine of Rs. 5/- per day. The names of students whose fee remains unpaid for one month after the due date are automatically struck off the College roll, and will not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  2. For re-admission Rs. 500/- admission fee plus other dues with fine are to be paid. Each student is provided with a Dues Card, where all the dues paid are to be entered. If the card is lost, a duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 30/-.
  3. A student is allowed to appear in the examination when the College Accounts Section issues a clearance certificate to him.
  4. Roll Numbers for Board Examinations are issued only when a student clears his accounts and has the required number of attendances to his credit.
  5. Refund of School and College Fee:
    Candidate withdrawing admission shall be eligible for refund as follows:
    Period for refund
    15 days, 20% deduction will be made
    30 days, 50% deduction will be made
    The period shall be counted from the date of admission. No refund shall be admissible after 30 days under any circumstance whether the student has attended classes or not.
Classes & Attendance:
  1. Students are given three weeks to make up their minds about the subjects to be taken. After final decision is made, no student will be allowed to change his subject unless permission is obtained from the Principal or advised by the staff concerned .
  2. Only those students will be eligible to appear for F.Sc. Examination, who have attended not less than 75% classes in each subject. Attendance in practical classes must be 80%.
  3. In case of unavoidable absence on medical grounds, leave application must include medical certificate. A letter signed by the parent/guardian should be sent in case of absence other than sick leave.
  4. A warning letter will be sent to the parents/guardian in case of absence of their son/ward for more than three days in a month.
  5. A student's name may be struck off the rolls on the grounds of shortage of attendance, lack of interest in studies or indiscipline.
  6. It is the responsibility of a student's parents/guardian to keep in touch with the college office to ascertain that his son/ward is attending classes regularly and maintaining the required progress in their studies.
  7. Parents must inform the office in writing if they wish to withdraw the name of their son from the College. A student will not be allowed to leave the College until he clears the college dues.
  8. Irregularity in classes is punishable at the following rates:-
    i. Absence from one class = Rs. 10/-
    ii. Absence from one practical = Rs. 12/-
Leave Rules For School & College Students:
  1. A written application should be sent to the Principal by the student or his parents/guardian well in time, reporting his illness or cause of absence.
  2. Sick leave for more than 3 days will be sanctioned only on producing a valid Medical Certificate.
  3. Any kind of leave other than sick leave, exceeding three days, shall be granted when the application is attested by the parents or guardian in case of day scholars and by the Warden of the hostels in case of resident students.
  4. All kinds of leave up to two days may be granted by the tutor concerned; and beyond two days by the Principal.
  5. In all kinds of leave, except sick leave and in case of demise of a near relative; the student should proceed on leave when the leave has been sanctioned, otherwise he will be considered absent without leave.
  6. In all cases leave taken will be at student's own risk so far as percentage of attendance is concerned. A Medical Certificate shall not condone a shortage in attendance. Submission of a Medical certificate only ensures that a student's name is not struck off the rolls. It does not however condone the percentage (75%) of attendance required for a student to qualify to appear as a regular candidate in the final Board Examination.
Examinations & Tests:
  1. College Examinations are held in December and 1 st week of March each year. Regular monthly tests are also given.
  2. Students must appear in the College Examination and all the tests. Those who fail in two or more than two subjects in detention examination or in two consecutive monthly tests will be asked to leave the college.
  3. Twenty percent (20%) marks from the monthly tests will be counted in detention examination.
Uniform: Summer Uniform for Boys
1. White Shirt
2. Grey Trouser
3. Black Shoes
4. Grey Socks
Winter Uniform
1. White Shirt
2. Grey Trouser
3. Blue Pullover
4. Blue Blazer
5. Black Shoes
6. Grey Socks
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