Teaching Staff Department of Animal Health

Name Designation Details
Dr. Umer Sadique Khattak Chairman / Professor Dr. Umer Sadique Khattak
Dr. Younas Muhammad Assistant Professor Dr. Younas Muhammad
Dr. Hamayun Khan Associate Professor Dr. Hamayun Khan
Muqader Shah Assistant Professor Muqader Shah
Muhammad Shoaib Assistant Professor Muhammad Shoaib
Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Lecturer Dr. Ijaz Ahmad
Dr. Haq Amanullah Lecturer Dr. Haq Amanullah
Dr. Zahoor ul Hassan Assistant Professor (TTS) Dr. Zahoor ul Hassan
Dr. Khalid Khan Lecturer Dr. Khalid Khan
Dr. Tariq Hussain Lecturer Dr. Tariq Hussain
Dr. Farhan Anwar Khan Assistant Professor Dr. Farhan Anwar Khan
Hamid Sattar Lecturer Hamid Sattar
Dr. Zahir Shah Bangash Lecturer Dr. Zahir Shah Bangash
Dr. Sher Bahadar Khan Assistant Professor Dr. Sher Bahadar Khan
Sher Hayat Khan Lecturer Sher Hayat Khan
Dr. Yasir Hayat Lecturer Dr. Yasir Hayat
Dr. Mashooq Ali Lecturer Dr. Mashooq Ali
Dr. Ihtesham ul Haq Lecturer Dr. Ihtesham ul Haq
Dr. Doulat Khan Lecturer Dr. Doulat Khan
Ibadullah Jan Assistant Professor Ibadullah Jan
Dr. Murad Ali Khan Associate Professor Dr. Murad Ali Khan
Dr. Obaid Ullah Lecturer Dr. Obaid Ullah
Dr. Ihsan Ali Lecturer Dr. Ihsan Ali
Dr. Syed Zahid Ali Shah Lecturer Dr. Syed Zahid Ali Shah
Dr. Zia ur Rehman Lecturer Dr. Zia ur Rehman
Dr. Rifat Ullah Khan Assistant Professor (TTS) Dr. Rifat Ullah Khan
Dr. Shakoor Ahmad Assistant Professor (IPFP) Dr. Shakoor Ahmad
Mohammad Riaz Khan Lecturer Mohammad Riaz Khan
Mian Saeed Sarwar Lecturer Mian Saeed Sarwar
Dr. Tahir Usman Assistant Professor Dr. Tahir Usman
Arshad Zahoor Lecturer Arshad Zahoor
Javid Ali Lecturer Javid Ali
Dr. Faisal Anwar Lecturer Dr. Faisal Anwar


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