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Tender Notice

"Research Trials Equipment and Hormones"

Tenders/quotations as per following specifications/details are invited from reputed National/ International firms having established office and after sale services facilities in Peshawar and duly registered with Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments, Government of Pakistan for the supply of following research trials equipments and hormones.

S.No Items Description Quantity
01 CIDR Control Internal Drug Release 10 CIDR Per bag@12000 100
02 Oestradiol benzoate Injection at the time of Cider Insertion (2mg CIDEROL) 100
03 Semen Cylinder Semen Storage 2 Litres 01
04 AI Straws/sheets For Insemination (Buffaloes Semen) @100 per dose 200
05 Ultrasound Machine Pregnancy detection 01
06 Prostaglandin Injection @600 per vial 100
07 AI Gun For Artificial insemination 01
08 Palpation sleeves Plastic gloves for rectal palpation 300
09 Syringes Injection Prostaglandin 150
10 Povidone Iodine Antiseptic 5 bottles
11 Liquid paraffin Lubricants 12 bottles

Quotations/ tenders should reach to the office of the undersigned on or before 30/05/2014 at 11.00 AM on post or email. Which will be forwarded to the project purchased comity for final decision. Only successful firm will be contacted for purchase of equipment.

The purchased comity reserves the right to accept or reject any one or all bids without assigning any reason. Conditional and incomplete bids will not be entertained; Income Tax and Sales Tax will be deducted as per rules.

For More Information Contact:
Mohammad Riaz Khan
Principal Investigator / Lecture Department of Animal Health
Phone #: +92 346 9444846
Office address: Parastology lab Department of Animal Health Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Animal Sciences The University of Agriculture Peshawar

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