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Agriculture is a dynamic and diverse industry. Agriculture development increasingly depends on the application of science and technology to sustain efficient food production, simultaneously responding to the environmental and ethical standards demanded of it by society. In Pakistan, where 70% of the population is directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture, it becomes imperative to educate and coach the upcoming generation in the field of agriculture to meet the day-to-day challenges.

Agricultural University, Peshawar is a unique and specialized institution, with the goal of imparting research based agricultural education to the young aspirants of this province, as well as ambitious students from all over Pakistan. At this University, great emphasis is placed on the development of practical scientific skills. It provides high standards of expertise and experience in all fields of agriculture. It offers an extensive choice of subjects under the guidance of very progressive, talented and devoted faculty members who are always ready to cope with far-reaching challenges in agriculture and its related disciplines. The faculty, with its remarkable educational teaching and research record, is engaged in tackling the day-to-day discoveries and challenges in the diversified field of agriculture. Graduates of this University have been playing a leading and vital role in different professional fields, ranging from food industry to farming and research-oriented engagements.

The University has five faculties and associated Institutes --- Faculty of Crop Production Sciences, Faculty of Crop Protection Sciences, Faculty of Nutrition Sciences, Faculty of Rural Social Sciences and Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Institute of BioTechnology and Genetics Engineering, IBMS, IDS. Each faculty is headed by a Dean. The degree programme of each faculty is designed to provide the professional level education so that the graduates of this University, after completion, play leading roles in key sectors of agricultural economy. It reflects the wide range of professionally oriented options available to the promising sons and daughters of the soil. The most attractive feature of Agricultural University, Peshawar is the high level of mutual respect, friendliness and spirit of cooperation among the students, faculty and the staff. “Open Door Policy” exists on the campus for students the students, faculty and staff get involved in seminars, careers development programmes and social events, meetings and dialogues.

It is a modern University, which strives to attain the highest standards in teaching and research. It is renowned both nationally and internationally for imparting high-quality education and pioneering research. It provides excellent facilities including well-resourced library, well equipped science laboratories, extensive computer laboratories, and indoor and out-door sports. The faculty and staff are committed to provide high quality, innovative and relevant degree programmes, which meet the needs of the real world, and prepare the students for a challenging and rewarding career.

Addmission Regulations:

Admission shall be open to male and female candidates with atleast 45% marks in F.Sc. Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering for B.Sc. Honours Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Part-I. Merit for admission to B.Sc. Honours Part-I (Ist semester) shall be determined on the basis of performance in Matric, F.Sc. and the entry test marks.
The number of open merit and quota seats shall be determined by the Syndicate on the recommendations of the Academic Council.
3. Applications for admission, to the degree course, shall be invited by the Director of Teaching on prescribed form to reach his office, complete in all respects, on a specified date to be announced by him.
4. The candidates are required to submit in person the application forms as the Entry Test Card will be issued at the time of submission of application forms.
5. All candidates belonging to the NWFP applying against open merit, reserved and self-finance seats are required to appear in the compulsory Entry Test. However, entry test for the categories other than NWFP including Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas is not compulsory. Students already enrolled in the NWFP Agricultural University are not required to appear in the entry test.
6. Admissions to B.Sc. Honours Part-I (first semester) shall be made on merit by the Selection Committee comprising at least five members appointed by the Vice Chancellor.
7. Separate applications for admission to B.Sc. (Hons) Part-I (first semester) under self-finance scheme shall be invited by the Director of Teaching on prescribed form and selection shall be made on merit within this category.
8. Candidates considered eligible for admission in the First Year class shall appear before the Selection Committee for interview.
9. Admission to B.Sc. Honours Part I (second semester) and B.Sc. Hons. Part-II (first and second semester) shall be made by the Director of Teaching.
10. Admission to B.Sc. Honours Part-III and Part-IV (Specialization) shall be made by the Chairman of the Department concerned and approved by the Dean of the Faculty concerned.
11. Selection for admission on reserved seats shall be made by the Director of Teaching on merit basis from amongst the list of nominees received from the nominating agencies. These agencies will forward the names of the candidates on or before the affixed dates. The nominees will have to submit application forms prior to their interview by the selection committee. If no candidate applies for admission against reserved seats on due dates, the seats shall be allotted to self-finance scheme. The University will not accept any advance copy for admission from any candidate.



All candidates selected for admission, on open merit seats/reserved seats, will be required to submit an Undertaking/Agreement, on a Rs.10/- judicial Stamp Paper. A copy of the Undertaking/ Agreement is provided in the Prospectus.
All candidates selected for admission on self-finance basis shall submit Undertaking/Agreement and Surety Bond separately on judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.10/- and Rs.30/- respectively. A copy of the Undertaking/Agreement and Surety Bond is provided in the Prospectus.


Entry Test
There will be an Entry Test for admission to B.Sc.Honours Agriculture/Animal Husbandry Part-I class. The test will be held in the following subjects:-
Biology (for Pre-Medical Group)
Mathematics (for Pre-Engineering Group)
The qualifying marks in Entry Test will be 40%. Any candidate who fails to qualify the Entry Test will not be considered for admission. The weightage for the preparation of final merit list will be as under:-
Adjusted marks, Matric or equivalent exam 10%
Adjusted marks, F.Sc. or equivalent exam 50%
Entry Test marks 40%
Entry Test Instructions are attached for guidance.




Final marks shall be adjusted as follows:
Ten marks shall be added if the candidate has passed Matriculation Examination in the First Division.
Ten marks shall be deducted for each failure in F.Sc.
Ten marks shall be deducted for appearing a second time in F.Sc. examination for improving division. The deduction shall not be made if marks were not improved.
According to the adjusted marks, whenever two candidates have equal merit, the one senior in age shall be given preference over the other for the purpose of admission.
Clearing the F.Sc. examination by parts from Pre-Medical to Pre-Engineering group or vice versa, will be considered as a second chance and ten marks shall be deducted for the purpose of merit list.
Twenty marks shall be added for Hifz-i-Quran. Test for the purpose shall be conducted by the Chairman, Department of Islamic Studies with the assistance of 2 competent Huffaz appointed by the Director of Teaching.

15. All eligible candidates shall be required to appear for interview along with Parents/Guardian to adjudge their aptitude and suitability and to verify the documents with the original certificates, for admission to B.Sc. Honours Part-I class. All the candidates must bring the original certificates for verification in the interview.

A Muslim candidate, if otherwise eligible for admission, shall have to qualify the following tests during interview:
Reading from the 1st "Para" of Al-Quran.
Translation of "Fateha" and of the last ten Suras of Al-Quran.
17. Wherever needed, the equivalence of academic qualification shall be determined by the Equivalence Committee.
18. Foreign students shall be considered for admission after prior approval of the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.


All applications, for admission to the B.Sc.(Honours) Part-I(Ist semester) shall be accompanied by attested copies of the following documents:
Matric and F.Sc. Certificates.
Detail marks certificate of F.Sc. examination.
Attempt Certificate/Appearance Certificate/Chances availed certificate.
Character Certificate from the Head of Institution last attended.
Three duly attested passport size photographs, one to be affixed on the form at appropriate place, and the other one on Entry Card and the third one for official use.
Domicile Certificate.
Medical fitness certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.
Undertaking/Agreement (in original).
Undertaking/Agreement and Surety Bond (both in original for those who apply against self-finance seats).
20. Incorrect information or suppression of facts, in application form, shall entail refusal of admission, and of expulsion from the University even if admission has already been granted.
21. Soon after finalization of admission, the list showing particulars of the student admitted shall be reported by the Director Teaching to the Controller of Examinations on the prescribed form for record and issuance of Registration Card.
22. Candidates selected for admission will be required to finalize the admission requirements within the notified period, failing which their right of admission will be forfeited and the seats will be allotted to the deserving candidates on waiting list.
23. Late admission to B.Sc.(Honours) Part-I (Ist Semester) will be allowed to only those candidates who are on waiting list. They will be informed of their selection and will be required to finalize the admission requirements within the notified period.
24. Late admission to remaining classes will be allowed up to one week after the last date of admission by the Director of Teaching in case of B.Sc. (Hons) Part-I (2nd semester) and Part-II (1st and 2nd Semesters) and by the Chairman and Dean concerned for the B.Sc.(Hons) Part-III and Part-IV with payment of late fee of Rs.200/-. Late admission after one week of the last date of admission may be granted in very special cases by the Vice Chancellor upto two weeks after the last date with the late fee of Rs.1000/-.
25. Any applicant who has completed a stream of education up to the Masters level and is, in the opinion of the authorities, a professional student, will not be considered for admission in the University.
26. Persons who have attained or shall attain the age of 25 years on the fixed date for admission shall not be eligible for admission to B.Sc. (Hons) Agri. Part-I.
27. Those candidates who have passed their F.Sc. from Afghanistan shall have to appear in F.Sc. examination of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Pakistan and then compete with Pakistani students for admission on their merit. They shall not be admitted on the marks obtained in the F.Sc. examination of the Afghanistan Secondary Board results.
28. A student convicted of any offence and having served a sentence in jail is not eligible for admission in the University.
29. Absence from class for two consecutive weeks or more (two weeks means six classes for a three credit hours course and four classes for a two credit hours course) without any genuine reason shall entail cancellation of admission in the course by the class teacher which would only be restored on appeal to the concerned teacher made within 15 days of the cancellation order with payment of Rs.200/-. The class teacher will inform the Chairman of the Department and Director Teaching Office regarding cancellation and restoration of admission in the course. Students whose names have been removed from the roll for continued absence shall not be entitled to refund of fees paid by them.
30. Leave upto 7 days to B.Sc.(Hons) Part-I and Part-II students shall be sanctioned by the Class Incharge and to B.Sc.(Hons) Part-III and Part-IV by the Chairman of the Department concerned. Sanction of leave beyond one week will be granted by the Director Teaching for B.Sc.(Hons) Part-I and II and Dean for B.Sc.(Hons) Part-III and Part-IV. The maximum leave period to be availed in exceptional cases on very genuine grounds in one semester will not exceed 30 (Thirty) days.
31. The following amounts shall be charged from the students at the beginning of the year according to the fee structure given below.
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