National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council (NAEAC) has accomplished its task at KPK AUP by External Assessment and Accreditation of degree programs of Agricultural Faculty of KPK AUP.

The Higher Education Commission established the National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council (NAEAC) having representation of experts from agricultural universities and research institutions, leading industries and R&D institutions in public and private sectors.


Assure quality of agriculture degree programs in educational institutions.

Systematize and execute a comprehensive process of accreditation of the agriculture degree programs, through adopting transparent policies, procedures and criteria and assist and advise institutions in planning their academic programs.

Support the intellectual development of students and faculty members interested in pursuing agriculture profession par excellence.

The degree programs offered by the following Departments of KP Agricultural University Peshawar have been accredited by NAEAC:

 Name  Category  Dated
 Main Campus The University of Agriculture, Peshawar
 Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics  X  June, 2009
 Department of Plant Pathology  X  July, 2010
 Department of Soil & Environmental Sciences  X  July, 2010
 Department of Food Science & Technology  Y  Dec, 2010
 Department of Plant Protection  Y  April, 2011
 Department of Weed Science  X  April, 2011
 Department of Agronomy  Upper X  May, 2011
 Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering  Upper X  May, 2011
 Department of Horticulture  Y  June, 2011
 Department of Agricultural Chemistry  X  June, 2011
 Department of Livestock Management  awaited  Nov, 2011
 Department of Entomology  awaited  Nov, 2011
 Department of Agricultural Economics  awaited  Dec, 2011
 Department of Agricultural Extension Education &  Communication  awaited  Dec, 2011
 Amir Mohammad Khan Campus Mardan
 Department of Soil & Environmental Sciences  awaited  April, 2014
 Department of Horticulture  awaited  April, 2014
 Department of Agronomy  awaited  April, 2014