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Faculty Training Program "Incorporating Technology in Education" (ITE)

Incorporating Technology in Education (ITE)

The Institute of Business and Management Sciences (IBMS) at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University Peshawar is launching a two-week training program to be taken place in its premises and be commencing from Monday July 02, 2012. The training program is under the title "Incorporating Technology in Education" (ITE) which is focusing on equipping higher education faculty with the latest and state of the art ICT tools and e-learning techniques that can be effective in the process of learning and teaching.

The program objectives are:
  • Increase the effective and innovative use of ICT in Education.
  • How teachers can use technology (Computer and other electronics Devices) to prepare their students for the skills like working in teams, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and presentation skills etc.
  • Make teachers more effective in their class rooms and administrative practices by using technology, not only to save time but also to become more organized.
The program will be attended by a batch of 25 participants which have been selected from Agricultural University and the surrounding sister universities. These participants/ faculty members are at the beginner level and they belong to Non-IT/CS departments.
The program is graciously sponsored by National Academy of Higher Education, HEC Islamabad.

For More Information Contact:
Muhammad Shahid
Assistant Professor / Incharge CS / IT
Phone #: +92 91 9221323
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University Peshawar


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