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World Veterinary Day Celebrated at AUP

World Veterinary Day Celebrated at Agricultural University Peshawar

Shoes Sold in Air Conditioned Shops and Cheese on Footpaths .... A Strange Country !!!!!

World Veterinary Day was celebrated at Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences (FAHVS), Agricultural University Peshawar on 30 April with collaboration of Livestock Trainers and Consultants (LTC), ICI Pakistan (Animal Health Division) and Nawan Laboratories. Brooke Hospital for Animals, and Livestock and Dairy Development Department also participated actively. The Vice Chancellor had very kindly allowed the Event.

The celebration started with a walk from the FAHVS to the Main Auditorium/Campus at 13:30 hours. The walk was headed by Professor Muhammad Subhan Qureshi Dean FAHVS, Allah Dad Khan Executive Director LTC/Consultant and Sohni Darti TV (Ex DG Agriculture), Dr Sarzamin Khan, Dr Zakir Hussain, Dr Sohail Ahmad, Dr Abdur Rahman, Dr Umer Sadique, Mr Ashfaq (Dairly Mashirq), Mr Preshan Khattak (Daily Ajj) and Dr Altaf ur Rahman. The walk was participated by faculty members, students, veterinarians, farmers and media persons. The participants reached the main auditorium and the further proceedings continued.

The technical session started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Dr Fazli Rabbani, followed by the inaugural speech of Prof M Subhan Qureshi, in which he emphasized on the utilization of livestock resources for the welfare of the people and for supporting the national economy. The milk, meat and eggs produced by livestock can provide a balance food for human. However, due to lack of quality control and business support, the consumers face the risk of diseases, while the producers fail to harvest the desired profit out of their huge investment. The Dairy Science Park was a good attempt of business incubation to address these issues and with the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders this dream can get materialized. Prof Qureshi was confident to see it happen soon.

Dr Umer Sadiq presented his talk on the unauthorized and irrational use of antibiotics leading to microbial resistance. He recommended judicial use of the drug only at time of need, under prescription of an authorized Vet and condemned the quacks practices. Dr Sarzamin Khan introduced the use of herbal preparations as a tool of preventive veterinary medicine in poultry and livestock practices, based upon many studies in his department, including the PhD studies of Dr Abdul Jabbar Tanweer. He informed that almost fifty percent of the meat and eggs were containing drugs residues beyond the permissible limit according to some studies by his postgraduate students. Dr Zahid showed his concern over abandoning antibiotics as they are required for quick treatments, especially for protecting the broilers from disease disasters. However the experts advised for minimizing the use of antibiotics through alternative practices. Dr Haq Amanullah presented his excellent paper on preventive veterinary medicine and shared his views on herd health management instead of therapeutic approaches to combat the diseases after its occurrence.

Dr Naeem Durrani, Member Chamber of Agriculture and Ex-DG NARC Islamabad, presented his talk on a review of vet practice inland and abroad. He highlighted the importance of keeping the animals healthy without antibiotics and the use of hygienic practices. He shared his views that Pakistan is a strange country marketing cheese on the footpath but shoes in glass showcases of air-conditioned shops. He emphasized over use of the livestock and poultry farms as commercial enterprises. Dr Saeed, President Poultry Doctors Forum, talked the veterinary practice in private poultry farms. He noticed the malpractices and technical and marketing issues faced by the farmers and acknowledged the university research addressing these issues. He mentioned the role of the poultry industry in the national economy almost at par with the cotton industry and contribution of vets as heads of almost all of these companies except K&N Chicks. He advised the students to get prepared for launching their own business enterprises instead of looking towards other to provide them job. Dr Kausar Zeb talked on the welfare of animals as realized by the modern society and emphasized that the same is taught to us by Islam many years ago.

At the end, certificates were distributed among the successful students participating in poster competition. Hayatuallah got first prize, Shazia Second and Saania/Neelum/Saima/Zeenat/Sidra got third prize. Mr Allah Dad Khan thanked all the delegates for their active participation and highlighted importance of the agriculture and livestock sectors in the national economy and in the livelihood of rural people of the country. Dr Nazir Ahmad Khan was appreciated as Chief Organizer of the event and Mr Owais and Mr Dost Muhamamd were appreciated for excellent proceedings. He urged students for better service to the community through control of diseases and profit generation for the rural families.


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