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PhD Written Comprehensive Examination Notification

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PhD Written Comprehensive Examination

Reference clause 11.3 of Rules and Regulations (Degree programme) 2008. PhD Written Comprehensive Examination is going to be arranged in October, 2015 for major Paper-I, II and Minor Paper-III.

All Advisors of PhD programme are requested to process cases of those PhD students who have completed their course requirements as per rules and are ready to appear in the Written Comprehensive Examination.
It is important to note that the concerned advisor should submit panel of examiners for major paper-I, II and minor paper-III alongwith student's course work proforma and copy of DMC to reach the office of the undersigned on or before
15-09-2015 through Directorate of Advanced Studies and Research.
NOTE: Cases received after 15-09-2015 will not be entertained.

Controller of Examinations
Office Phone: + 92 91 9216527 Ext: 3123

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