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Workshop on Bio-safety/Bio-terrorism & Risk Assessment in Agric. Research 1st Sep, 2015
Bio-safety/Bio-terrorism & Risk Assessment
in Agric. Research

01 September, 2015

To develop and polish a cadre of professional with specialized skills in Agriculture chemistry, Food Sciences and related Technologies, this training workshop is important to address various issues of Bio-safety/Bioterrorism and risk assessment in Agriculture and Food Research. The application of knowledge, techniques and equipment to avoid personal, laboratory and environmental exposure to potentially infectious agents which can easily manipulated under containment conditions. Likewise, pesticide residues, deteriorated food commodities, unhygienic processing, and adulteration are the key issue in the marketed food items. Micro organism and insects are also a big thread to achieve self sufficiency in food and feed. Intentionally adulteration is considered as bioterrorism and Knowledge of such biosafety and bioterrorism makes people aware of the associated risk.

The objective of this workshop is to confine biohazards and bioterrorism and all the major risk to reduce the possible exposure of the laboratory worker/researchers, to potentially infectious agents using advance techniques such as HPLC.

  • Dr. Anwar Ali Shad, Associate Professor, The Uni of Agriculture, Peshawar
  • Dr Azeem Khan, Associate Professor, The Uni of Agriculture, Peshawar
  • Ghazala Ali Khan, Deputy Director PASTIC Peshawar
  • Aftab Ahmad, President NAYS
Target Audience:
  • Research Scholars and Researchers of Agriculture and related Sciences
  • Faculty Members
Partners of the Activity:
  • Agricultural Chemistry Deptt, The Uni of Agriculture, Peshawar
  • PAKISTAN Scientific & Technological Information Centre (PASTIC) Peshawar
  • National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS)
Share of The Agriculture University, Peshawar
  • 50 Participants (research scholars + faculty members)
  • 2 Resource Person (Dr Anwar Ali Shad & Dr Muhammad Suleman)
  • Well furnished Hall, One research lab
  • Working tea and lunch for resource persons & organizers
Share of PASTIC / NAYS
  • One Resource Person
  • Banners and all advertisement
  • Shields for resource persons & organizers
  • Certificates for participants
Participants: Rs. 500/-(including all workshop materials and Lunch/Tea)

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