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LG minister KP approved slaughter house project
LG minister KP approved slaughter house project

Minister for Local Government Environment and Rural Development Mr Inayatullah Khan approved an ADP project on developing modern slaughter house in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Rs 200 millions have been allocated for establishing a model slaughter house at Ring Road Peshawar.

The approval was accorded during a presentation by Prof Muhammad Subhan Qureshi Chief Organizer Dairy Science Park/ Dean AH and Vet Sciences, The University of Agriculture Peshawar. The meeting was also attended by Prof Umer Sadique, Mr Zafar Paracha, Mr Adil Siddique, Engr Amjad, Engr Irfan Qureshi, Mr Saleem and other officials of the Local Council Board, Peshawar.

Minister for Local Government KP briefed on Slaughter Houses project by Dean AUP

Consultancy will be invited for establishing an Advocacy Forum for preparing Dairy Science Park Act and consultation to meet the targets of: promoting meat production and improving hygienic status of meat produced in public and private sectors; protecting consumers concerns regarding meat quality and Halalness and getting a place in the International Halal Meat Market in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Infrastructural support will be provided for transportation of animals, construction of animal sheds, quarantine holding pens, ante mortem halls, showering facilities, light provisions, slaughtering halls, blood collection facilities, water supply and drainage, processing halls, bones collection and handling, meat grading and cutting, offals handling, blast freezing and cold storage. Energy generation and waste management (biogas plant, solar energy, incinerators) and recycling of industrial by products, will be established. Transportation of carcass in appropriate vehicles and display of meat at meat shops will be ensured as per standard practices.

The proposed slaughter house will be supported through a Quality Control Laboratory, a Meat Technology and Entrepreneurship Center and a Halal Research Center at the University, in collaboration with SMEDA KPCCI L&DD and farmers' organizations under the Dairy Science Park. The Quality Control lab will help in monitoring the quality of meat at ante and postmortem stages, in addition to assistance to farmers' entrepreneurs in getting to analysis of the farm inputs and products and investigation of zoonotic diseases. The Meat technology, Training and Entrepreneurship Center (Business Incubation Center) will be operationalized with the assistance of KPCCI, SMEDA, Bank of Khyber, BoK, KPBOIT, L&DD and HEC. The Halal Research Center will be established with the assistance of HEC, PCS&T and Muslim Countries. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dairy Science Park Act will be prepared in consultation with all stakeholders.

Various options will be explored for engaging Turkish investors for investing 20% of the cost, technical assistance during designing, construction and installation of equipment; operationalizing the slaughter house and capacity building of butchers and scientists. A Turkish team is visiting Pakistan during December 2014, and the Minister desired to meet the team.

The project aims at improving meat productivity, quality control and Halal certification system in the province for local and international Halal meat markets.

Prof M Subhan Qureshi
Dean FAHVS/Chief Organizer DSP, UA Pesahwar
Mob: 0300 587 7933; Email:

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