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Working Paper for UFM Committee Meeting, BS(CS), BS(IT)
Examinations / Secrecy Section

Working Paper for UFM Committee Meeting

The UFM Committee meeting has been scheduled to be held on the dates and time given below, the following students are directed to appear before the committee & explain their positions against the charges leveled upon them. Those who failed to appear before the committee, the cases will be decided ex-parts in their absentia.

BS(CS), BS(IT) Dated: 10-04-2014 & Time (at 10.00 am)

C./Reg.No. Name of students Decisions
BS(IT) 3rd Semester, Session-2012-16
Modern Programming Lang-I
46 Makeup Abid Ahmad  
Principles of Management
121 Asif Raza  
Communication Skills
161 Makeup Muhammad Sarfaraz  
BS(IT) 4th Semester, Session-2012-15
Database System
51 Makeup Muhammad Yaseen  
61 Makeup Naveed Alam Khan  
62 Makeup Faizan Ahmad  
73 Makeup Murtaza Khan  
86 Makeup Arif Hussain  
91 Makeup Mehboob Ur Rehman  
96 Makeup Shakeel Khan  
118 Makeup Adil Khan  
128 Makeup Mansoor Ahmad  
129 Makeup Norani Gul  
131 Makeup Noor Alam  
132 Makeup Shah Fahad  
143 Makeup Farhad Zia  
145 Makeup Atta Ullah  
181 Makeup Shah Ahad  
191 Makeup Shah Baz Khan Durrani  
200 Makeup Muhammad Riaz  
205 Makeup Adil Shahzad  
Digital Logic & Comp. Architecture
57 Makeup Maaz Khan  
76 Makeup Muhammad Tahir  
106 Makeup Muhammad Suleman  
168 Makeup Ayaz Ullah  
191 Makeup Shah Baz Khan Durrani  
200 Makeup Muhammad Riaz  
203 Makeup Bilal Manzoor  
207 Makeup Ijaz Ahmad  
BS(IT) 6th Semester, Session-11-14
Software Engineering II
225 Makeup Siraj Khan  
BS(IT) 8th Semester, Session-10-13
Professional Practices
79 Makeup Abid Hussain  
177 Farman Ullah  
203 Bilal Manzoor  
207 Ijaz Ahmad  
247 Makeup Jawad Akbar  
250 Makeup Kaleem Ullah  
BS(CS) 2nd Semester
Object Oriented Paradigm
16 Makeup Taimur Khan  
42 Makeup Kamaluddin  
63 Makeup Majid Mukhtiar  
78 Makeup Fazal Akbar  
66 Makeup Amin Shareef  
230 Makeup Haseeb Khan  
Differential Equations
37 Makeup Amjad Ali  
Discrete Structure
96 Makeup Sana Ur Rehman  
186 Makeup Suleman Faiz  
BS(CS) 4th Semester
Modern Programming Language-I
42 Kamaluddin  
50 Kashif Ali  
63 Majid Mukhtiar  
82 Ijaz Ul Haq  
85 Shahzeb Khan  
116 Altaf Hussain  
Linear Algebra
33 Adnan Khan  

Controller of Examinations
Chairman UFM Committee
All members of UFM Committee

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