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5th Provisional Merit List (Bachelor's courses) December 06, 2013
DVM, BBA and BS (IT)
Fee Submission date for Completion of Admission is: December 6-10, 2013 (3.0 p.m

Venue: Committee Room IBGE

  1. Following candidates have been selected for the bachelor degree program, as per their priority options in the University of Agriculture, Peshawar. Applicants are requested to complete their admission for the spring semester 2014.
  2. Candidates are requested to collect fee deposit slips from University, deposit fee in Bank and return copies of the deposit bank slips to the office. Candidates who failed to deposit fee in specified dates will lose their right of admission and next candidate in the waiting list will be given chance to complete the admission. Next merit list of the candidate will be displayed on December 11, 2013 subject to the availability of seats in any discipline.
  3. Students, who have already admitted in a discipline as per 4rth merit list displayed earlier, has given a chance in the 5th merit list as per their right to switch the discipline if otherwise eligible within the days of validity of the 5th merit list, otherwise they will lose right of admission. Candidate once reflected in a merit list will have to take admission and will be floated to a higher priority order subject to availability of a vacant seat.
  4. Candidates who failed to complete admission as per the merit lists displayed will have to lose chance of admission in future in any discipline.
  5. All those students who have applied for admission in UoA if could not qualify merit for B.Sc (H) Agirc, BBA, BCS and BIT has been a chance to get admission in AMK campus Mardan with the same application form. They are required to collect their form and complete admission in AMK campus with one week of the display of this notice.
  6. Seats of B.Sc (H) Agric, Biotech and BCS are already full if any seat gets vacant due to switching of students in different disciplines will be notified.
  7. Applicants, who have not provided undertaking/Agreement Bond in original, shall also bring it with for admission. No admission will be considered complete until the production of the undertaking Bond.
5th Merit List December 06, 2013

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