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The UFM Committee meeting (BSCS / BSIT)

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Working Paper for UFM Committee Meeting (Spring-2011)

The UFM Committee meeting has been scheduled to be held on the dates and time given below, the following students are directed to appear before the committee & explain their positions against the charges leveled upon them. Those who failed to appear before the committee, the cases will be decided ex-parts in their absentia. 

BS(CS), BS(IT)  Dated: 20-05-2013 & Time (at 09:00 am)


C./Reg.No. Name of students Subject Decisions
BS(IT) 2nd Semester, Session-2012-15
37 Amjad Ali Object Oriented Paradigm  
62 Mudasir Shah Object Oriented Paradigm  
207 Makeup Ijaz Ahmad Discrete Structures  
281 Makeup Discrete Structures Discrete Structures  
304 Discrete Structures Discrete Structures  
BS(IT) 4th Semester, Session-2011-14
39 Makeup Muhammad Abas Modering Prog. Language-II  
57 Makeup Maaz Khan Modering Prog. Language-II  
61 Makeup Naveed Alam Khan Modering Prog. Language-II  
65 Makeup Babar Gul Modering Prog. Language-II  
71 Inam Ul Haq Modering Prog. Language-II  
83 Makeup Sohail Khan Modering Prog. Language-II  
91 Makeup M. Suleman Khan Modering Prog. Language-II  
98 Makeup Basit Qureshi Modering Prog. Language-II  
101 Makeup Mehran Modering Prog. Language-II  
105 Makeup Liaqat Ali Modering Prog. Language-II  
181 Makeup Shah Ahad Modering Prog. Language-II  
225 Makeup Siraj Khan Modering Prog. Language-II  
229 Makeup Wisal Shakir Modering Prog. Language-II  
BS(CS) 2nd Semester, Session-2012-15
97 Shah Faisal Differential Equations  
220 Makeup Said Muhammad Differential Equations  
230 Makeup Haseeb Khan Differential Equations  
BS(CS) 4th Semester, Session-2011-14
11 Hidayat Ullah Computer Architecture  
41 Hilal Ahmad Computer Architecture  
50 Waqas Nisar Modering Prog. Language-I  
84 Niaz Ali Computer Architecture  
153 Mujeeb Ur Rehman 1. Computer Architecture
2. Financial Management
161 Ahmad Ullah Computer Architecture  
203 Khalid Ahmad Financial Management  
BS(CS) 6th Semester, Session-2010-13
79 Tariq Sohail Comp. Comm. & Networks  
221 Muhammad Bilal Visual Programming-I  
326 AMK Naveed Ali Systems Programming  
BS(CS) 7th Semester, Session-2008-11
267 Makeup 1. Murtaza Hassan
2. Muhammad Asif
Numerical Computing  

Controller of Examinations
Chairman UFM Committee
All members of UFM Committee

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