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The UFM Committee meeting (BBA (H), 2nd , 4th & 6th)

Examinations / Secrecy Section

Working Paper for UFM Committee Meeting (Spring-2011)

The UFM Committee meeting has been scheduled to be held on the dates and time given below, the following students are directed to appear before the committee & explain their positions against the charges leveled upon them. Those who failed to appear before the committee, the cases will be decided ex-parte in their absentia.

BBA (H), 2nd , 4th & 6TH Dated: 20-05-2013 & Time (at 10.00 am)


C./Reg.No. Name of students Decisions
BBA (Hons) 2nd Semester Session 2011-14
Business Maths - II
37 Naeemullah Khan  
43 Hazrat Umar  
27 Jamshed Khan  
32 Nisamuddin  
19 SaadFayaz  
277 Niamat Said  
287 Jehangir Khan  
51 Habib Jan Afridi  
BBA-3RD (Special Make up)
Principles of Marketing
482 AftabMehmood  
BBA-4TH Session: 2011-14
Business Statistics
51 Habib Jan Afridi  
161 Jamroz Khan  
167 Salman  
222 FazalSubhan  
228 Muhammad Luqman  
234 Saleem Muhammad  
269 Awais Ahmad  
295 Qadir Khan  
296 Saeed Shah  
310 Sheraz Khan  
Management Information Systems
156 Hizar Hayat Khan  
278 Khalid Khan  
280 Syed Aitizaz Hassan  
303 Hidayatullah  
Logic and Critical Thinking
224 ImdadUllah  
Business Communication
19 SehrishHaider  
32 Ali Raza  
43 Naqibullah  
51 HabibAfridi  
Business Communication
548 (AMK) WaqasUllah  
BBA-6TH Session: 2010-13
Human Resource Management
556 (AMK) Yaseen Khan  
Corporate Company Law
30 Saddam Hussain  

Controller of Examinations
Chairman UFM Committee
All members of UFM Committee

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