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Fund Raising week for Students' Welfare Endowment Fund, March 01 - 08, 2013
Fund Raising week for Students' Welfare Endowment Fund, March 01 to 08, 2013

Dear Colleagues,
Subsequent to the instructions received from the Higher Education Commission, the University of Agriculture has been advised to raise funds for scholarships for the talented and needy students of the university. The funds would subsequently be transferred to the Students' Welfare Endowment Funds. The University of Agriculture Peshawar has been instructed to raise at Rs. 1000 per student studying in the university i.e. if there are 100 students studying in the university then the university will be liable to raise Rs. 100,000/-. Since 8000 students are studying in the University of Agriculture, Peshawar, the University has to raise an amount of Rs. 8,000,000.00.

The Higher Education Commission has signed an MOU with an International Pakistani expatriate organization in United States of America in which it was agreed that the public sector universities of Pakistan would hold a Fund Raising Week from
1st to 8th March 2013 to raise the funds and has been approved by the Competent Authority. The activities approved by Competent Authority are:
  • Fund Raising At Home ( Faculty and Students)
  • Visits to Donors and Philanthropists in the Local Community
  • Visits to Trading Community and Local Trading Councils
  • Visits to Local Industries, Banking Sectors & Politicians
  • Holding of Meena Bazars, Sports Events through Sponsors
  • Selling of Charity Tickets
As part of the MOU, should the university be able to meet the target amount, the university's endowment fund would receive an amount Rs 1 Million within one month.

In this regards, you are requested to provide the names of philanthropists, donors, notable wealthy persons in your communities, friends and family who may be willing to donate to the Students Welfare Endowment Fund (SWEF) to the official of the FAD visiting to your office. Teams led by senior professors would be visiting the donors identified by you for fund raising.

Proforma for Identifying Friends of University & Contributors to the Fund

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For More Information Contact
Khalid Iqbal
Assistant Director P&D/University Advancement

Yaser Iqbal Paracha
Assistant Director P&D/FAD
Office Phone#: +92 91 9218500
Fax: +92 91 9216520
Room # 5,6,7 & 8, Directorate of Financial Assistance & Development
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