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AUCA Election Results, 2013
Result of AUCA Election for the Year, 2013

The following candidates have been declared successful for various positions of AUCA noted against their names.
S.# Name Position
1 Malik Kifayat Khalil President
2 Safirullah Khan Vice President
3 Rafiud Din General Secretary
4 Zargoon Shah Treasurer
5 Hizbullah (Unopposed) Press Secretary
6 Nasir Khan (Unopposed) Joint Secretary
7 Dil Faroosh (Unopposed) Executive Member, Supdts (BS-16)
8 Aftab Gohar Executive Member, Office Assistants (BS-14)
9 Farooq Shah Executive Member, Senior Clerks (BS-9)
10 Muhammad Nawaz Khan (Unopposed) Executive Member, Jr. Clerks (BS-7)

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