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Result of Makeup Examinations (2018)

MS (IT) Session Spring-2016 onward MS (CS) Session Spring-2015 onward
MBA Session-Spring-2014 onwards MBA (1.5) 2nd Semester Session Spring-2016
BS (IT) Session Spring-2009 onward BS (CS) Session Spring-2011 onward
BBA (Hons) Session- Spring-2014 AMKCM BBA (Hons) Session- Spring-2010 onwards PEF
BBA (Hons) Session- Spring-2009 onwards MCCM BBA (Hons) Session- Spring-2009 onwards KCCM
BBA (Hons) Session-Spring-2009 onwards BBA (Hons) Session- Fall-2012 onwards MCCM
BBA (Hons) Session-Fall-2012 onwards KCCM BBA (Hons) Session- Fall-2012 onwards AMKCM
BBA (Hons) Session- Fall-2012 onwards (1) BBA (Hons) Session-Fall-2012 onwards

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