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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Subhan Qureshi
Dean / Professor
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Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, 25130, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
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About Dean
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Subhan Qureshi
After graduating from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore during 1982, Prof Qureshi joined the provincial Livestock Department as Veterinary Officer and was involved in semen processing, quality monitoring, farm management and veterinary research. In the meantime he joined the University again and completed MSc Hons and PhD degree in Animal Reproduction. He introduced herd health program for the peri-urban dairy farmers and investigated reproductive performance and health status of buffaloes and other food animals; preparation, implementation and monitoring of research and development programs and assistance to IUCN, WTO, SMEDA, FAO, Bank of Khyber, etc., in livestock development. Assistance was also provided to Inland universities in postgraduate research programs.

During 2005, Prof Qureshi joined
the University of Agriculture, Peshawar as full professor and was raised to the status of Dean, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences. Since then, has been involved in teaching Animal Reproduction and Livestock Management subjects to the graduate and postgraduate students. He has been supervising the technical, academic and financial matters of the Departments & preparing research and development proposals for improving teaching, research and industrial linkages. He has been member of administrative and academic bodies. He facilitated the establishment of the Livestock Trainers and Consultants, an NGO of young animal scientists. The scientist has successfully completed five research and development projects funded by the provincial and federal government.

Prof Qureshi has supervised 34 PhD/M Phil research projects and 18 are ongoing. He has got a good number of scientific publication comprising; 39 in impact factor journals, 18 HEC recognized, 9 books and 2 book chapters, in addition to about 100 popular articles on the internet engines, and printed press. He has been working as executive member/HEC representative on Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council and 14 bodies of various universities. He is also assisting 6 international bodies and member 14 journals as member editorial boards or reviewer. Thirteen national organizations are being assisted as member. Livestock Management Department, headed by Prof Qureshi, got recognized by the Natl Agric Edu Accred Council of Pakistan and two postgraduate programs were launched in Theriogenology and Pathology. He introduced the business incubation concept in the thesis research. Prof. Qureshi has been contributing as Dairy Expert in the Pak-Australia Dairy project. He worked as Visiting Professor at
Charles Sturt University, Australia and continued as Adjunct Professor.

Prof Qureshi has advised two successive Chief Ministers of the province on judicial utilization of livestock resources in light of his findings under his doctoral thesis research reporting losses of Rs.1043 billion per annum. The farmers were organized into Sarhad Dairy Farmers Association and linked with various development and scientific organizations. Farmers’ problems were highlighted through scientific and popular articles. Livestock Investment Conference was organized in collaboration with Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industries on July 28, 2005.

Prof Qureshi organized the International Workshop on
Dairy Science Park -2011 as Chief Organizer with the cooperation of various agencies attended by 450+ delegates, with 103 technical papers and exhibition by 10 business companies. The abstracts and recommendations have been published in a proceedings book and full length papers were published in an impact factor Journal. The Second workshop scheduled for 2013, will focus on developing enterprising capacity of livestock and poultry farmers of Pak-Afghan Region for meat production.

Presently Prof Qureshi is organizing a working team for converting the livestock and poultry meat production setup in the province into an export base for Halal Food Market under the Dairy Science Park. The provincial government, TIKA-Turkey, Pak-US S&T project, Agribusiness Support Fund, Relief International and KPCCI are assisting in implementation of the plan. The plan is supposed to enable the outgoing graduates in establishing their own entrepreneurs, sharing the public sectors responsibility of employment generation and food security. This will supplement the medium sized livestock farmers in the region through business support initiatives helping the in enhancing farm income and producing surplus food for export to the International Halal Food Market.
PhD (Animal Reproduction)
HEC Approved Supervisor:
Area of Specialization:
Theriogenology, stress physiology, biotechnology and dairy science.
Professional Responsibilites & Activities:
Teaching, Research and Administration.
Research Projects:
  • Principal Investigator, Effects of season and extenders on goats’s semen integrity and fertility. Cost 1.1 million, Pak. Sci. Foundation Islamabad (2007-2009). (in progress).
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Reproductive characteristics of beetal male goats as influenced by the dietary supplementation of alphatocopherol. HEC Research Grant to Dr Rifatullah Khan, Assistant Professor.
Projects Completed:
  • Principal Investigator, Improvement of Artificial Insemination Technology in Dairy Buffaloes in NWFP – Cost 0.3 million, ARF-Pak. Agric. Res. Council, Islamabad. (2001-2004) (completed)
  • Principal Investigator, Genetic Improvement of Dairy Goats in NWFP. Cost 0.2 million, CDYST- Pak. Sci. Foundation Islamabad (2004-2006). (completed)
  • Project Component Supervisor, Livestock Component, STRC Project. Cost Rs.167 million. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad.
  • Project In charge, Research and developments for improvement in hides and skins in NWFP (1994 to 1998).
Projects In pipeline:
  • Investigation of stress indicators associated with ovulation in crossbred dairy cows. Rs. 4.0 million, submitted to NRPU/HEC.
  • Dairy Science Park. Rs.400 million; Ministry for Agriculture, GoKPK.
  • Gold Medal 2013, Unity Human Well Wishers Council, Lahore.
  • Excellence Award 2013, International Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Congress, Lahore.
  • Research Productivity Award 2012. Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, Islamabad.
  • Best University Teacher Award 2011 (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan)
  • Millennium Lifetime Award 2009 (S Asia Publication)
  • Star Award 2008 (for seniors) (S Asia Publication)
  • Star Laureate 2008 (S Asia Publication)
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