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The University is going to Auction used answer books (RADDI) weighing about 20000 Kilograms approximately through open Auction on 28/11/2016 at 11:00 AM in the premises of university. Bidding documents can be obtained from the office of undersigned by depositing Rs.200/- (Non-refundable) in the University Account No.7450-7 as bid fee.
  1. The bidder will have to deposit @ Rs.10,000/- in cash (refundable) as bid security of Auction.
  2. The successful bidder will deposit 1/3 of the bid at the spot. If the successful bidder fails to deposit 1/3 of the bid as successful bidder, the bid security will be forfeited in favour of the University.
  3. After approval of the Competent Authority, the bidder will have the right to take over the charge on payment of remaining amount within seven days from the date of issuance of the letter of the approval, failing which the amount already deposited be forfeited in favour of The University of Agriculture, Peshawar.
  4. Taxes (10%) will be charged extra on the value of final bid as per Govt. Rules for deposit into Government's Treasury.
  5. In any dispute occurred between the bidder and auction committee, the decision of the Competent Authority as arbitrator shall be final.
  6. The successful bidder must erase the writing on transcript in presence of university representative through proper machinery.
  7. As per section-47 of KPPPRA rules, the auction committee reserves the right to accept or reject the bid as per KPPRA rules.
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